This is Legin and I want to thank you for all of your support of Fear Not Merch.  
This began as a message and a dream in Kenya in June 2017, starting designing in 2018, testing Spring 2019 and launching during my "Dark Room Tour" Fall 2019!  
Your overwhelming support has let us know our message, Trust God + Fear Not, is something we all need to hear daily.
Again, thank you 


This past weekend was theeee best weekend we've ever had in sales (especially the beanies!), with people telling us what the message and design means to them.  We'd like to keep that energy going!!
SO I'm having a Flash Sale today (right now) - Friday 1/24/2020 on all of our hats!  
Fear Not Dad Hats are $14.99 instead of $19.99!
Fear Not Beanies are $19.99 + free shipping! Use the code "tooflytoship"!
BUY THEM TOGETHER and get the discount + free shipping!!
This is just for the next two days, so grab yours now before we run out.  
Visit www.fearnot.shop today to take advantage of our 2 Day Flash Sale!

Lastly, click here to listen to my single that started it all "Fear Not" on Spotify, Apple, or YouTube, and subscribe to the Fear Not Podcast on Apple Podcasts!  

New episodes coming in February!

Talk to you soon.  I'll be on IG @legintv talking about this as well if you'd like to plug in.

Trust God + Fear Not,

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The Fear Not Story

In June 2017 I went to Kenya.  Expecting God to speak something profound to me while 1000s of miles away, I came back with two words;

“Lead Courageously.”

I wrestle with insecurities, fear of failure, and daddy issues, like many people do.  These struggles follow me daily in to fatherhood, marriage, as an artist, and in ministry.  Questions like "Am I good enough?" or "Will I succeed at being the person I aspire to be" are ever with me.  

 So I went to Joshua 1 in the Bible where God repeats “move forward, trust me, fear not…”  I found out "Fear Not" is one of the most repeated commands in the Bible.  Repeated because God wants us to pay attention to that.  And I realized that when God was challenging me, despite my fears, to be who He called me to be. 

Everyday, I want to Trust God and Fear Not.

I wanted to create a shirt that would remind me every day to push forward in the face of my fears.  We started designing shirts because I thought other people needed this message too. This also turned into a podcast (the Fear Not Podcast), a song (Fear Not by Legin), and more merch.

So journey with me.  Wear your courage.  Fight to be who God has called you to be. 

"What are you afraid of?  Well Go Do It Anyway...."

Trust God + Fear Not.